Whether it's laminate or real hardwood (or tile, linoleum, or stone), our All Purpose Cleaner makes a brilliant floor cleaner. Simply dilute a couple of tablespoons in a bucket of warm water, and its gentle yet effective formulation will make sure your wood never looked so good!

Our Company

We're here to make nice little eco-cleaners. That's our mission, clean and simple.

What makes us so dang nice?  Glad you asked:

  • 100% pure essential oil aromas. Our essential oil blends add a little somethin' somethin' to your everyday chores. Not only do they smell some kind of wonderful, many also have natural cleansing properties and mood-lifting benefits. Our heavenly Grapefruit + Bergamot blend was designed by natural perfumist Ayala Moriel. Learn more about Ayala at

  • Plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. We stay away from the smorgasbord of scary chemicals out there. Instead, we opt for cleaning ingredients derived from vegetable sugars, corn and coconut oil, plus natural essential oils and vegetable gylcerin.
  • We like to keep it simple. From our ingredients, to our design, to our product selection, we consistently find that simpler is better. There’s enough going on in your life (let’s hope) that you don’t need to spend time in the cleaning aisle trying to pick out a Floor Cleaner, a Bathroom Cleaner and a Shower Cleaner. Truth is, a good All Purpose Cleaner is called All Purpose for a reason. Ours is anyway.