Shared Vision

Clean and Green - "Your girlfriends are on their way over for a fabulous organic dinner, but your kitchen is an unholly mess. Before you spoil your 100-per-cent natural meal by using 100-per-cent-nasty chemical cleaners, reach for a bottle of Sapadilla's All Purpose Cleaner instead. North Shore residents Jill Goodbrand, the "Queen of Clean", and environmental scientist Steve Carmichael joined forces to establish Sapadilla Soap Co., an ethical product line that not only accessorizes your countertop with it's minimalistic design aesthetic, but is truy earth and body friendly. Made with biodegradable, cruelty free, plant based ingredients like rosemary and peppermint oils, Sapadilla's suds will keep your house clean and fresh - without the toxic side effects. Availabe at Whole Foods, Park Royal (North Vancouver) and Drive Organics (1045 Commercial Drive)."